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Holy Grail Collection

Introducing the Holy Grail collection. A collection inspired by faith, that symbolizes perserverance  and represents Oriana’s journey over the last two and a half years. A journey of heartache and uncertainty overcome by faith and perseverance, something many of us can relate to. 

Over the last  two and a half years, many of us have experienced very dark and stressful times filled with fear and anxiety, times where the normal stresses of life compounded with a pandemic, may have seemed daunting. It was easy to lose hope, lose faith, lose sight of the “light at the end of the tunnel”. Some of us lost it all, unfortunately, and some of us came out stronger but we all weathered the storm. 

Through it all, the one thing that remained constant for Oriana was the rising of the sun each morning and her devoted faith. Going through quarantine and an unexpected divorce simultaneously, was something no-one could have prepared for. Navigating all of the emotions of sadness, loss and doubt often felt overwhelming. But the nights spent awake worrying about what the future would hold, were met by mornings of sunshine and gratitude for the things that truly matter most in life, the things that money can’t buy; our health and precious time. 

Belief and faith strengthen the motivation to act and do things, and help you maintain the positive attitude necessary for success. Faith is important, but alone it is not enough for success. You also need willpower, discipline and persistence. A positive mindset and gratitude for what is present in our lives rather than what is lacking leads to opportunity. The opportunity to take advantage of a new day, the opportunity to do and create, the opportunity to find true happiness in all that you do, it’s never too late!

The Holy Grail collection is one that encompasses faith, passion, and perseverance to find our ultimate goal: true happiness. The red howlite paired with the sacred heart represent the passion that Oriana has for her family, her culture and all that she creates. The saints in this collection represent Oriana’s faith. And lastly, the newest addition to our array of gemstones, a pure white sponge coral, as well as freshwater pearls, represent the perseverance to seek out the purest form happiness.  

The Holy Grail collection was shot in the town of Poggioreale, Sicily. A town destroyed by an earthquake in 1968 which killed 200 people and caused the remaining population to rebuild the town a few kilometers south. Oriana describes the setting as “simply surreal”. A place where children roamed the streets now reverberate the echo of our footsteps on the abandoned buildings . But the locals did not give up at a time where their world seemed to stop. Their devoted faith gave them the strength to rebuild their lives and carry on their traditions 

“If you have experienced a life changing situation and found your strength to see it through, this collection is dedicated to you” ~ Oriana ❤️


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