BeautyXBracelets - Oriana Lamarca January 2017

“Marsala the armcandy, not the wine!”


Makeup by: Denise Delrusso

Typically when referring to Marsala, we tend to think of a rich and robust Sicilian wine but here we are referring to Marsala armcandy which looks just as rich and robust as its Sicilian wine counterpart. The lovely shade of dusty burgundy-red, named 2015’s color of the year by the Pantone Institute, is one that is subtly seductive and dramatic.

Pantone says that Marsala “combines dramatically with neutrals, including warmer taupes and grays.”  And because of its burnished undertones, Marsala is “highly compatible with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, light pinks and mauve, and blues in the more vibrant range.”

Marsala “plays well” with lots of other colors making it very versatile. Combined with lighter neutral tones such as the fossil beige or rose quartz, the stark contrast creates drama while paired with a black onyx and grey quartz creates a sexier appeal. Pair it more earthy tones such as tiger eye, picture onyx and pistachio jade and now you have a very neutral and “fall” look. One of my favorites is the “Moanco Chic” armparty where I created an ombre look which goes from dark marsala jade to a mauve pink rhodonite to medium tone pink jade to a light pink rose quartz, perfect for all year long. Being that these colors are all derived from the color red, they all work together effortlessly. In this video are a few different armparties using the Marsala Jade as a base, the possibilities are endless!


Oriana Lamarca’s passion for handcrafting jewelry sparked from a desire to have one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces that accentuated her wardrobe and reflected her style. With a background in international business and a love for different cultures, Oriana drew inspiration from her time living and traveling in Europe. The accessories featured an array of semi-precious gemstones and unique color combinations. Friends, colleagues, and industry leaders quickly fell in love with her creations. After multiple requests, she launched her Oriana Lamarca line in 2011. Her bracelets are now seen on socialites and celebrities, such as Teresa Giudice of Bravo’s hit series: The Real Houswives of New Jersey.

Oriana is a first-generation American who has been an international jetsetter since childhood, flying back and forth to Sicily where both of her parents were born. As the daughter of a well-established interior designer and granddaughter of a couturier, creativity and design are second nature to Oriana. Her jewelry line is for the sophisticated girl who craves style, quality, and affordability. It features daytime and evening styles—from understated, casual pieces to bold, lavish creations—that reflect her myriad of experiences traveling around the globe. Oriana Lamarca jewelry is perfect to collect, stack, and layer, creating a sophisticated fashion statement for all occasions.

The jewelry you wear should make you feel unique as an individual and, at the same time, effortlessly communicate your personality with elegance and sophistication. ♥

— Oriana Lamarca