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Pane Cunzatu da Paneficio DiStabile e Anselmo 🥖😋

Pane "Cunzatu" literally translated means "seasoned bread".  It's a traditional Sicilian dish made which can be prepared to your liking but the best pane cunzato is from Paneficio DiStabile e Anselmo in Scopello. Til this day, they bake fresh bread daily and prepare the deilcious sandwich the traditional way! Pane cunzatu is not pane cunzatu unless the bread is fresh! It is then drizzled with extra virgin Sicilian olive oil, sprinkled with oregano, studded with anchioves and topped with slices of Cacciocavallo (sheep) cheese, green olives and tomatoes 😋. Some may add capers, nonno adds whatever he he has laying around the house but the key is the fresh bread and good olive oil ;)

It is truly a masterpiece of rich Mediterranean flavors.  The key is using fresh local ingredients naturally. Salt from Trapani (nearby town), olive oil pressed from local Sicilian olives, Sicilian salt-cured anchioves and Sicilian Cacciocavallo cheese.

My mother has fond memories of growing up with her grandmother "Nonna Caterina", making pane cunzatu on the days that she would make fresh bread. As soon as it came out of the oven, the bread was dressed and ready to enjoy! Later on, as a teenager, her and friends would ride their vespas from Castellammare to Scopello, grab a "pane cunzatu" and enjoy it at the beach!

Now its a tradition we look forward to enjoying pane cunzatu strictly from Paneficio DiStabile e Anselmo in Scopello each year!

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