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Modica - the chocolate capital of sicily

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Modica is one of the most interesting towns in Sicily. Included into a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with 7 other towns of the Val di Noto area, Modica has a rich historical and cultural heritage and is home to several fine examples of the Sicilian Baroque architecture. It is a community that flourished for centuries in what was once the capital of an ancient and powerful county whose territory, in the Middle Ages, extended to the gates of Palermo. Modica is also famous for its delicious locally produced chocolate, the Cioccolato di Modica. Made with a very old recipe, the Aztecs can be accredited for the delicious recipe. If you are wondering what the Aztecs have to do with Sicily, think about the Spanish conquistadors in South America and you will see that the same Spanish have dominated this island for a couple of centuries. The aroma is the one of the roasted cocoa beans, with a slight trace of astringency. It is traditionally flavored with cinnamon or vanilla. However, you can just as easily find chocolate with chili, carob, coffee, and citrus fruits. Because of its unique composition, it can actually be eaten as it is or dissolved in water as a drink! A trip to Modica will certainly leave you starstruck and full of cioccolato!

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