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“I’m bringin the fannypack back” 🎶

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

When traveling I love dresses and rompers for daytime outfits because they are easy and you only have to pack one item instead of 2, which is great when you have to squeeze everything into 50 lbs. I found this cute romper last year before my trip to St Tropez as I was searching on Amazon. It was really my first time purchasing clothing on Amazon and I was skeptical but turns out it was a perfect piece to travel with! Its light, the ruffle top adds a feminine flair and easy to grab n go when plans change at the last minute an you have to be ready in under 5 minutes! Not to mention that it was about 95 degrees everyday so keeping clothing and accessories to a minimum was a must, except when it comes to my armparty obvi. Im trying to get into the whole fannypack/ belt bag look and this was the perfect time to test it out and I loved it. it held all my necessities and kept my hands free while also accented at the waist since lost the actual belt that came with the romper!

Outfit Details:

Gingham Romper: Amazon$13

Gingham Espadrille Sandals: Steve Madden $26 on sale

Red Belt Bag: Zara$46

Sunglasses: Amazon $17.99


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