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Figli di Fiori 🌺Hippie Party🌺

Updated: May 29, 2020

Not really a huge fan of Halloween or dressing up and I didn't think the Sicilians were either but dam was I wrong! My cousin Maurizio's friend was hosting a "Hippie" Themed party at his home in the countryside or "campagna" and he of course brought us along. I always love to do things that the "locals" do and to experience life as they do, and boy do they enjoy life! The beer bottles (they only served beer) had a custom tie dye label on it, the DJ was dressed the part, there was a VW van photo booth, and a chef serving up 50 lbs of sausage and pasta at 2 am! Everyone at the party was decked out in full hippie looks with flowers head bands, afro wigs, bell bottoms and tie died shirts. It was really fun to see everyone so into the theme and just enjoying the simple things like eating, drinking, dancing and lots of laughing <3

But when they tell you you're going to a Hippie party, you dress like the most fashionable hippie that existed in the 70's ✌️. I happened to have purchased this fun jumpsuit from Forever21 thinking it would be a great day outfit to walk around town, it was light, love the color and had a cute ruffle on the bottom. But it came to serve a better purpose, my Hippie costume, plus a few accessories of course. I tied the only scarf I happened to bring with me on the trip, around my head, wasn't your typical flower headband but a leopard headband did the trick.

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: Forever21$35

Shoes: shoedazzle - last season

Bag: purchased in Sicily


Scarf: Zara $17.90 (similar here)

Taormina Armparty: $288 

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