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Aperol celebrates its 100yr anniversary 🎉

Cheers to that! I love any excuse to enjoy this beautifully bold drink all year long! Preferably with a beautiful view and under the Sicilian sun but I'll take an Aperol Spritz state-side over any other drink, any time!

This classic summer drink is more than a mere cocktail; it’s a cultural and social wave. It’s been debated, adored, captured in photographs and guzzled during happy hours the world over. The distinguished color matters, of course, but more important is the unique herbal recipe and the sweetness that brings it all together.

Launched in 1919 at the Padua International Fair, Aperol was created by the Barbieri brothers, Luigi and Silvio, who coined the name 'Aperol', having taken inspiration from the French term for apéritif, 'Apéro'. Made with citrus oil infused with precious herbs and roots to create a perfectly balanced combination, the original recipe has remained unchanged and is a secret to this day. This safeguarded recipe ultimately created a mysteriously deep red-orange color that to this day lends the drink its instant recognition.

Andrea Neri, managing director of Aperol owner Campari Group, says., “The orange color was a blessing. We don’t know how it was created or why it was identified as orange. We can only thank the Barbieri brothers for that. At that time, there was no digital environment or social media for them. It’s such a unique color, so vibrant, so optimistic. If you look at it, you associate orange with summer and with positive feelings. It’s also so unique and unmistakably Aperol.” - Cool Hunting

Over time, Aperol has showcased a real understanding of modern aesthetics which is reflected not only in the bright orange colour of the drink, but also through its iconic bottle. To mark the momentous year, Aperol is launching limited-edition labels to sit on their bottles, that will each be truly unique, thanks to an advanced chromatic formula, that will recreate infinite single variations on an iconic design by Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti (1990), portraying a young couple dancing holding an Aperol bottle and two glasses full of the unmistakable liquid.

Over the course of summer 2019, Aperol will be conducted "The Aperol Summer Tour" across Italy and countries of the European Coast, including Castellamare Del Golfo!

They set up spontaneous pop-up bars which included DJ stations, photo opportunities and distinct orange memorabilia!

During my trip this summer, we enjoyed many Aperol Spritz on the balcony of my grandparents house as we toasted to LIFE along with my grandfather!

My favorite memory was sitting on the balcony with my mother and grandparents one afternoon around 5pm, the sun was setting (as was the heat), overlooking the beautiful coast line and hearing the church bells of Santa Caterina down the street. There was an unexplained sense of calm that came over me and a realization that life is good and God is great!

After we got back from our trip, I had checked a few liquor stores near me and couldn't find any of the limited edition bottles so having my grandparents bring one back with them to NY was my only hope. We had left a bottle that was 3/4 full at their house so I figured it wouldn't be a problem, they would just empty the bottle and stick it in the suitcase. But nonno couldn't fathom the idea of "wasting" the rest of the Aperol. So for the next 4 weeks that they remained in Sicily, nonno would fix himself an Aperol spritz every night until he eventually finished the bottle!! LOL Once he finished the bottle, nonna cleaned it and nestled it secures between her clothes and oregano to make sure it was securely padded and wouldn't break on the voyage home. Now it sits in my kitchen and adds a nice pop of color to my bar area ;)

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