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The Baroque Collection

The My Sicilian Love Affair Baroque collection is one of ornate femininity and elegance. Inspired by the Baroque Sicilian style architecture in the late 1600’s, the collection features necklaces, bracelet and chandelier earrings of decadent arabesque motifs, symmetry, florals and gemstone settings.  The detailed and architectural design easily amps up your look, especially when paired with black or neutrals.

The baroque towns of Sicily are a group of nine towns of Medieval or pre-medieval origin located in South-Eastern Sicily: Caltagirone, Militello, Catania, Modica, Noto, Palazzolo, Ragusa, Ispica and Scicli. Baroque architecture flourished in Sicily after a devastating earthquake in 1693 causing almost 93,000 deaths. Whole cities had to be rebuilt, splendid churches and palaces were erected in what has been termed the Sicilian Baroque style. The churches were often lavishly decorated with coloured marble and mosaic inlay. Stucco decorations reached an unprecedented level with the works of Giacomo Serpotta and his family. And in Bagheria, just outside of Palermo, the Palermitan nobility built villas in the baroque style for their summer homes.

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