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Nonna Nina

Nonna Antonina, or Nonna Nina, is my fathers mother. Born in Porto Empedocle, Sicily in 1926, my nonna was one of the strongest women I know. She lived a beautiful 89 years. Nonna was the oldest of 6 sibilings, and when her mother passed away at the young age of 38 while giving birth to her unborn child , nonna become a motherly figure to her sibilings at only 10 years old. She met my Nonno Carmelo at 20 years old. They got married, had their first child and moved to Belgium during the war. They had their second son, my father, and eventually moved back to Porto Empedocle, Sicily in ...In 1960. They decided to come to America in search of a better lifestyle for their family in 1972. to meet with nonnas sisters who had all already come here. 6 months after they arrived, my nonno passed away of a heart attack (on my birthday) leaving my nonna a widow and her 2 sons to take care of her. She never remarried and her sons and grandchildren were her world. 

She was 16 when ww2 started. got sick with malaria at 17 and almost died. 

udring the war, could not make enough money tending to his vineyard so went to belgium in search of work and ended up worming in a gold mine. where he ended up with "silicosis" from getting dust in his lungs, got a pension and moved back to Sicily

First time came by boat, 7-8 days, and dad got very sea sick and vomitting for 5 days.

went back after he died and them ultimately wanted to live here to "be with her husband"

Nonno Carmelo

Born june 18 1918 in agrigento. 2 sisters and 4 brothers. 

was a prisoner of war during wwii captured by the germans. had him working on a ship

when he came here, first day he was supposed to start working at a magazine distribution center, he passed of a heart attack. made breakfast for my dad, took the bus, as soon as he got in front of the place, he passed. on September 26,1972. 

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