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Who is the Classic Sicilian Woman?

It has been said to never mess with a Sicilian woman. We have strength that comes from within, and our courage to defy the odds and create a better tomorrow characterizes us as some of the most resilient people on the planet. One way that we display these characteristics is by infusing our culture into everything we do: food, work, travel, and fashion! Sicilian style has always been distinct. From the bandana and apron that are always worn while cooking to the classic black shawl worn at mass, their fashions have dramatically changed with the coming generations but always seem to stay true to core values that all Sicilian women hold dear. Today, we may sport a Dolce and Gabbana look that encompasses the vibrant charm of our country or incorporate staple colors like yellow and blue into our everyday wardrobe. There is no perfect way to dress as the classic Sicilian woman and I think that’s what makes our fashion so beautiful. It’s diversity is celebrated in so many different ways to create endless combinations of styles and elegance. 


“Women are the true richness of Sicily”

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