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For those who are praying for the people impacted by and suffering from coronavirus:

The Vatican is encouraging a day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday, March 11, in order to invoke divine help and intervention against the coronavirus in Rome, Italy, and the world.

St. Rocco was a nobleman who distributed all of his worldly goods to the poor, And traveled humbly throughout 14th century Italy as a pilgrim, devoting himself to victims of the plague, curing them with prayer and the sign of the cross.

During his travels, he too contracted the plague which was evident by an open sore on his leg. After many sufferings and much patience, St. Rocco was eventually cured.

An Italian Tradition for the Good of Body and Soul

From shortly after his death in the mid-14th century until the present day, the Southern Italian people have time and time again offered prayers and processions with the relics of St. Rocco, invoking his powerful intercession for good health and protection against cholera epidemics and all types of contagious diseases.

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-12mm  Faceted White Howlite

- St Rocco Pendant

- Made with stretch cord

- Standard 7.5" length

-*Due to variations in natural stones, color may vary slightly from picture*

*all bracelets are made to fit snug, for larger or smaller requests, please leave comments at checkout!