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Amazonite "I AM ALS" with Pavé HOPE Pendant

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Many of you may know of ALS through the fun, trending "Ice Bucket Challenge" that took over social media which was started as a way to raise awareness of the disease.

In reality ALS, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of muscle control. With ALS, motor neurons in your brain and spinal cord break down and die. When this happens, your brain can't send messages to your muscles anymore and because the muscles don't get any signals, they become very weak.


Sadly, there is currently no cure. Curing ALS will be one of the most important medical breakthroughs this century. Finding this cure, and finding one soon, is more important now than ever and we need your help. In our effort to make ALS a thing of the past, your purchase will do just that. Proceeds from the sale of this bracelet will be donated to "I AM ALS" to support grants funding ALS research and the I AM ALS Navigation program improving access to care and quality of life for those impacted by ALS.

Oriana designed this amazonite bracelet with pavé hope pendant as a symbol of "hope" for finding a cure for all who are suffering. Amazonite is known as the stone of hope. The blue-green variations of color in the stone often resemble the sky and the heavens, so it is often regarded as a beacon of hope and faith. 

-12mm faceted amazonite
-Pavé HOPE pendant
-Made with stretch cord
- Standard 7" length

*all bracelets are made to fit snug, for larger or smaller requests, please leave comments at checkout!


    Amazonite "I AM ALS" with Pavé HOPE Pendant
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