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One of the most recognizable symbols of Sicilian folklore, the Sicilian cart (carretto siciliano) is an ornate, colorful horse- or donkey-drawn cart that originated in the early 19th century in Sicily to transport goods. Carts were used for hauling miscellaneous light loads, such as produce, wood, wine, and people, called “Carretto del Lavoro” (cart for work) and also carts for festive occasions such as weddings and parades called “Carretto de Gara’. The wheels were very light and very high in order to overcome the trecherous terrain of the mountainside. The colors of Sicily's flag, yellow and red, feature prominently on the carts. Nowadays, the wheel has become an iconic symbol in the world of jewelry.

-2" Round Handpainted Ceramic Sicilian Cart Wheel

- 2mm x 5mm Gold Filled Round Tube Chain with 2" Extender

 -  24" paperclip chain

**Oriana Lamarca Designs is not responsible for chips or cracks on ceramic due to wear. These beaded gemstone bracelets include a custom handmade and hand painted ceramic bead made in Sicily. 

By nature jewelry is delicate and these bracelets should be treated with care. Excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes or water as well as dropping them can cause the beads to chip or break.

We inspect each bracelet prior to leaving our office to ensure it arrives in good condition. Any claims due to shipping should be made within 24 hrs of receiving goods. 

Any claims should be made to: