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Rose Quartz, The Stone of Love...

Shades of Jade, Rose Quartz, and White Howlite are true conductors of loves energy, colors of magenta, fuchsia, red, pink, white, adorned with love symbols, transmits the consciousness to say, “Its time to express your love.”

Jade aligns you with ones personal path, it can guide you along the way to creating the perfect union.

Do you need to gain insight or perhaps a new path? Courage to know yourself? Then begin with Jade.

Rose Quartz is a stronge healer of the heart, it encourages self love, romance and the ability to become fulfilled in love.

It also is a fertility crystal… we can talk about that later, first lets heal and find true love.

White Howlite-this powerful stone can help you through your dreams to find your true love, it opens your third eye, it guides you to know how to nurture and develop love.

It can warn you not to make the same mistake twice!

Red Fossil can help you to create the environment you are looking for, opening you to change and new ideas.

Wearing the combination of these stone bracelets can put you on loves path. It can bring you vision, soul knowledge, forgiveness, and love beyond unconditional circumstances.