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"Roses are red, violets are blue, little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue….but can big girls wear it too?"

“Roses are red, violets are blue, little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue….but can big girls wear it too?”

   From a young age we are taught color associations like roses are red, violets are blue, little girls wear pink and little boys wear blue….but can big girls wear it too? Of course! Rose Quartz is a beautiful shade of pale pink which conveys compassion, love, elegance, tenderness and most importantly healing.

It is a very divisive color, often times women won’t touch it with a 10-foot-pole whereas others like myself, who were deprived of pink as a child, live in it (LOL) When Pantone named Rose Quartz the 2015 color of the tear, along with Serenity, I was estatic because I LOVE this soft, neutral, feminine color and since I have tons of pieces in my wardrobe, I was ahead of the trend! Not to mention it was perfect for the February color of the month, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year that you can get away with all pink everything!


So, how can you get away with wearing a color typically associated with princesses, ballerinas, and 4-year-old girls? Here are 5 tips on how to wear pastel pink right (and still look like a Fashionista):

  1. Accessorize, accessorize! With Oriana Lamarca Armcandy of course! Rose Quartz is the perfect color to stay neutral while still adding “color” as it pairs nicely with your basic blue jeans, black or brown. Used as a starting point, a rose quartz stack makes it easy to layer on most other colors to achieve the perfect armparty look!
  2. Work the color into your wardrobe slowly with pieces that you can mix and match easily such as a button down shirt, pair of shoes, handbag, jewelry and lipstick. Committing to a piece that you will wear more often such as a coat or jacket, especially during the cold winter months, may be a little more risky but if you feel comfortable, it is a trend we saw a lot of on the runway! In which case I’d stay away from anything too poufy, to avoid looking like a big marshmallow
  3. If you’re wearing a pastel pink skirt or dress, keep the silhouette sleek and tailored, so as not to look like you’re on your way to a dance recital. HM did a great job with their Fall/Winter 2016 campaign of incorporating this trend. See more image here
  4. Keep the rest of your outfit neutral. A pink piece is at its most modern when paired with black, white and gray staples. To make it easy, a black pair of pants, black leather jacket and pink t shirt…easy simple and trendy.
  5. Accent with pink fur. A look that caught our eye on fall runways: pale pink fur. Whether real or faux, try throwing a pastel pink fur collar onto your everyday overcoat. We’ve also seen fun fur scarves, hats, and bags fashioned in pale pink, which would definitely take a basic outfit to the next level.
  6. Beauty counts. If you’re not terribly excited about incorporating the hue into your wardrobe, a pastel pink lip or nails will do the trick, especially when you’re wearing basic black and white.
  7. Shade is also an important consideration. In order to avoid a washed out effect, be sure to pair with some darker pieces to create contrast. Pale shades work best on darker complexions while sugary bright colors are best on paler skins.


It's the girliest color to ever hit the fashion trends! Light pink looks great on everyone, and it's no longer just for spring!


“Slay like a Fashionista, Shop like a Frugalista” – The Fashionista Frugalista 


January 2017




Over the years I have often been complimented on my style and received comments like... "where did you get that" only to be followed by a... "You got that where?!?...You paid how much?!?" And I would giggle to myself as I sit back and think that I've given the illusion of making a $10 top look like a $100 top. I have always loved shopping for clothes wether online or in store but one thing I learned from my grandmother is NEVER PAY FULL PRICE !! So maybe its in my blood, but I literally refuse to pay full retail price for pretty much anything. Whether it's on sale, or using a coupon there is always a way to save.
Growing up in an era where social media has created this craze around creating an image of living a luxurious lifestyle, we often get caught up in the superficial things. Being fashionable or trendy doesn't mean wearing a gucci or louis bag with monograms all over it, in fact its quite the opposite. I've realized that being stylish or trendy does not mean that you have to pay a lot of money on high end designer labels, just a little inspiration and guidance !! In this blog I'll be sharing my tips and ideas on how to shop, style and be fashionable on a frugal budget!! Enjoy :)