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Musica Del Cuore Armparty

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"Music of the Heart" Armparty 

Sicily has always been very rich of folk songs, ditties, serenades, and lullabies. Every event in life was sung by the people the most famous one being the “Tarantella”. The instruments typical of Sicilian folk music are the Tambourino, friscalettu, azzarinu and more. Historically, the Sicilian literary tradition joined with orally transmitted song and folk music, absorbing the contributions of all people who trod the Sicilian soil and inheriting the traditions of the Greek "melos", the Arabic maqam, the Byzantine hymn, the love songs of the troubadours, the classical polyphony of the 16th century.

-(1) Red Coral with Handpainted Tambourine

-(1) Light Turquoise Magnesite with Testa Di Moro

-(1) Lapis with Freshwater Pearl 

-(1) Green Garnet with Freshwater Pearl

- Made with stretch cord

- Standard 7" length

*all bracelets are made to fit snug, for larger or smaller requests, please leave comments at checkout!

**Oriana Lamarca Designs is not responsible for chips or cracks on ceramic due to wear. These beaded gemstone bracelets include a custom handmade and hand painted ceramic bead made in Sicily. 

By nature jewelry is delicate and these bracelets should be treated with care. Excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes or water as well as dropping them can cause the beads to chip or break.

We inspect each bracelet prior to leaving our office to ensure it arrives in good condition. Any claims due to shipping should be made within 24 hrs of receiving goods. 

Any claims should be made to: 


    Musica Del Cuore Armparty - Oriana Lamarca LLC
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