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Sicily is the land of orange diversity. Citrus fruits were brought to Italy with the Arab invasion around 850 AD. The country possesses a warm climate with mild winters and wind: the perfect conditions for large-scale cultivation of these fruit. At first only bitter and yellow oranges were grown, though over time the sweeter and red varieties were also developed. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Sicily became a strategic location for the cultivation and business of selling citrus fruit as well as the global benchmark for the production of oranges.
Especially in the area of Mount Etna the oranges thrive particularly well, due to the fertile, volcanic soil and the high water content in the ground. On the island you will find different varieties, each with their own character such as Navellino, Tarocco, Sanguinello, Moro. For my favorite orange and fennel salad recipe click here!

- Handpainted in Sicily ceramic Orange

-10mm Faceted Orange Jade

-12-13mm Freshwater Pearl

- Made with stretch cord

- Standard 7.5" length

-*Due to variations in natural stones, color may vary slightly from picture*

*all bracelets are made to fit snug, for larger or smaller requests, please leave comments at checkout!

**Oriana Lamarca Designs is not responsible for chips or cracks on ceramic due to wear. These beaded gemstone bracelets include a custom handmade and hand painted ceramic bead made in Sicily. 

By nature jewelry is delicate and these bracelets should be treated with care. Excessive exposure to lotions, perfumes or water as well as dropping them can cause the beads to chip or break.

We inspect each bracelet prior to leaving our office to ensure it arrives in good condition. Any claims due to shipping should be made within 24 hrs of receiving goods. 

Any claims should be made to: