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I've got sunshine in my pocket and on my wrist!

Written by oriana lamarca


Posted on June 01 2017

Summer is upon us and so are those warm sunny days, BBQ’s and lots of lemon infused meals! Yellow Jade armcandy is the perfect way to make you feel like its summer all year long! Here are some armparty combinations showing you how you can wear yellow from a more serious black and white arm party to a more bright fun mix of summery colors:

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(1) Bracelets: Lemon Drop Armparty $228

Black, white and yellow create a glamourous high contrast look. Add in a grey or pale blue for a soft harmonious combination.



(2) Bracelets: Sunshine in My Pocket Armparty $162



(3) Bracelets: Springtime Armparty #6  $176 

Paired with green and red



(4) Bracelets: Fall Into Summer Armparty $230

Love this armparty for those who prefer more muted colors. The yellow compliments the Amethyst purple and gives the perfect splash of fun to your armparty. Perfect for transitioning from summer to fall



(5) Bracelets: Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Armparty $256

since yellow is a primary color, it pairs nicely with just about any shade of blue or green!



(6) Bracelets: Lemon Garnish Armparty $28



(7) Bracelets: Springtime Armparty#3 $218



(8) Bracelets: Tropical Oasis Armparty $166




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