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From jewel tones to muted tones, Amethyst is the perfect addition to your Armparty

Written by oriana lamarca


Posted on September 02 2017

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone and the perfect addition to your armcandy collection just in time for fall! Perfect to pair with some lighter and brighter summer colors or with your darker more muted tones for fall and winter, Amethyst is a must have! Here are some different ways to mix and match your amethyst, the armparty possibilites are endless!

A few tips to keep in mind when pairing:

Deep In Love Armparty - $224

Combination of:




-Grey Quartz

-Cola Jasper


Purple Pearls Armparty - $260


Combination of :


-Black Onyx

-Grey Quartz

-Lavender Pearls

-Peacock Pearls

 Water Lotus Armparty - $235

Combination of:


-Grey Jasper

-White Howlite

-Teal Jade

-Lavender Pearls


Lavender Tones Armparty - $215

 Combination of:


-Orange Jade

-Beige Riverstone

-Periwinkle Riverstone

-Purple Jasper

 Getaway Armparty - $206

Combination of:



-White Magnesite

-Green Turquoise


Red Rocks Armparty- $214

Combination of:


-Brown Aventurine

-Kiwi Jasper

-Fire Jade

-Lavender Jade





Royal Ball Armparty - $210

 Combination of:



-Magenta Jade

-Hammered 22k Gold





Spotted Tassel Armparty - $164

 Combination of:


-Marsala Jade

-Dalmatian Jasper

-Pistachio Jade

 BEachy sunsets Armparty - $264

Combination of:


-Coral Howlite

-Peach Jade

-Amazonite Light

-St Barths Mix













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